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South Africa

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Welcome to Shipping & General .At Shipping & General we know landside logistics .It’s what we eat, sleep and breathe. With a legacy that spans a 30 year existence in the industries which we serve,we believe we’re doing things right. Originally established in 1984, the company set off to provide landside transportation services to importers and exporters at a time that coincided with South Africa's entry into international containerised transportation. Modesty breeds longevity, this has been the simple adage by which founder Daya Moodley lived by which ensured a steadfast reputation being built around the cornerstones of trustworthiness, perseverance and reliability in the field of landside logistics.

Client requirements and new market inclinations provided opportunities to progress into warehousing and distribution and today the company has evolved into an illustrious one-call service provider of logistic services to amongst others, the South African clearing and forwarding, mining,energy,manufacturing, import, export and transport brokerage markets.

At Shipping & General we’re not about simply loading your freight on the back of a truck, No,we’re much deeper than that. Before proposing a solution, our approach is to understand your business, your challenges and your needs. By working closely with you across all disciplines; we will jointly strategize a holistic landside logistics supply chain solution that creates real value for your business. Through project management methodology, we then ensure that our proposed solution is priced attractively, implemented timeously, and quickly becomes an operational reality. Process improvement and flexibility around our clients needs is a constant at Shipping & General, because we understand that an ever changing business environment means that there is no such thing as a one -size -fits -all solution.

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