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The Polystyrene Product Company exists specifically to cater for the growing polystyrene needs of deadline driven construction companies in South Africa.

For decades expanded polystyrene, or better known as EPS or Styrofoam, has been used in construction projects and building developments as void formers, void fillers, lightweight structural support blocks (geofoam) and insulation material under ground floor slabs and on roof tops.

Landscape architects and contractors have become accustomed to using custom polystyrene blocks as sculptural elements in their designs especially when constrained by physical construction elements.

With manufacturing and distribution centres in Johannesburg, Durban and Cape Town, Polystyrene Product Suppliers is perfectly situated to service construction companies throughout South Africa but it is our availability, willingness to serve, attention to detail, cost effective pricing and commitment to lead times that sets us apart from our competitors.

We produce polystyrene sheets, blocks and custom shapes in various sizes, thicknesses and densities based on our clients’ needs.

Standard polystyrene is used as insulation, void formers, void fillers, structural supports and in landscape projects.

**Graphite Enhanced Polystyrene (Neopor)

EPS sheets | polystyrene sheets

Neopor is graphite enhanced polystyrene that is specifically used for ground slab insulation and roof insulation because of Neopor’s enhanced thermal properties.

This silver-black polystyrene boasts 20% more thermal insulation compared with the same thickness of standard polystyrene.


All our products are cut from very large polystyrene or neopor blocks that are pre-manufactured in our factories. The dimesions of these virgin blocks are 6m x 1.22m x 0.6m and each block is manufactured to a specific density.

A 5 to 10 day curing process is required to stabalise the blocks in terms of shrinkage before they can be cut into smaller blocks or sheets. This is why there is sometimes a lead time on specific orders.

Standard Sheet Sizes

Our standard sheet size is 2.5m x 1,22m but we cut sheets, blocks and custom shapes based on our customers requirements. When considering custom sheets sizes or blocks it is important to understand that the maximum width and thickness that can be achieve based on the virgin block dimensions is 1220mm and 600mm respectively.

Polystyrene can be glued together to achieve larger dimensions if required.

Standard Material Densities

Our standard material densities for polystyrene and Neopor are classified as follows: Standard Density (12DV & 15DV), High Density (20DV or 24DV) and Extra High Density (30DV)

Standard Sheet Thicknesses

Our standard sheet thicknesses start at 5mm and go up to 600mm in inciments of 5mm, but we can cut any sheet to within 2mm of the required thickness.

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