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Having already started with a trout farming venture, Wimcar Cilliers, then
28 years old, decided during 1974 that selling fresh trout on the N4 highway
to passing motorists, could well be successful.

A wooden trout stall with a fridge was built close to the Shell garage near
Machadodorp, and in December 1974 the first fresh trout was packed in
plastic bags ready to sell to customers. The selling of fresh trout on a
national highway was a first in our country. When the first customer
stopped for his trout the price had not yet been finalised and was given
away for free!

It soon proved to be an excellent way of selling fresh trout and within a
few years as many as 22 trout stalls along the N4 were doing business in
fresh and smoked trout. Today, nearly all have closed down. The Cilliers
family is still very proud that they have had opportunities which could
sustain this early idea of selling trout on the N4 highway.

In 1979 the farm, where Milly's is today, was purchased by the Cilliers
family on an execution sale. It was mainly purchased to convert an unused
Mobil garage into a trout slaughtering factory and also had an excellent
site to build a trout dam of 10 Hectares next to the main road.

The trout factory was officially opened in 1981 and with it a farm stall,
called Milly's Country Trout Stall. The variety of trout products, homemade
jams, Sabie valley coffee that Milly Cilliers added to the stall, it became
a popular stop on the N4. Most of the jams, jellies and famous
Mediterranean chutney was made by Milly's mother, Granny Unice, who herself
worked in the stall for many years. Unice's recipes have been handed down
and are still used in the stall and restaurant today. She passed away in
2013 at the age of 94.

The dam at Milly's was built in 1983. In 1984 the possibility of a stopover
facility was envisaged and soon after, the family applied for the necessary
rights which were granted in 1986 for a filling station, resort and

After years of negotiations and planning the Milly's of today was officially
opened by the then Premier of Mpumalanga, Mathews Phosa, and started doing
business in 1997.

On a very windy 17th July 2011 at 10am the restaurant burn down and jumped
to the adjacent building damaging the Milly's food Shop and Small Fry.
Milly's Trout Stall was saved in the fire and we were grateful for business
to continue under a Bedouin tent for the time being. After many months of
rebuilding, Milly's Restaurant opened its doors in June 2012. We have now
extended our services to include a fully equipped conference centre as well
as accommodation.

Sadly Milly Cilliers, whom Milly's is named after, passed away in July 2012.

The Cilliers family still strife to carry Milly's legacy today. As a family
we continuously offer our visitors a special experience in honest food,
fresh produce, and good service. All Trout products, bakery products,
rusks, biscuits and meals in the restaurant are made by staff working on
sight here at Milly's

"Thank you for your loyal support and we at Milly's look forward to seeing
you again."

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