Foster & Dalton 2.23

Portion 155, Farm Doornrandje 386-JR
Centurion, 0157
South Africa

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Foster & Dalton Foster & Dalton is one of the popular place listed under Grocery Store in Centurion , Health Food Store in Centurion ,

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Contact us for your local stockists of our unpasteurised kombucha tea. Brewed with natural, Chrystal Mist borehole water and no flavoured teabags or synthetic cordials. We bring together the soothing properties of herbal infusions such as rose geranium, mint and lavender, grown on our farm with the healing benefits of the 'ancient elixir' - kombucha! We only use fresh, seasonal fruit purchased from local farmers.

We also share our simple, no-nonsense way of making fresh yoghurt at home. Karen foster has created a stylish DIY kit available from us directly for R200 plus postage.

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