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Odin Dr & Thor Rd
Cape Town, 7460
South Africa

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Food Lover’s Market has grown from its origins as a single Fruit & Veg City store 23 years ago - in Access Park, Cape Town - to become South Africa’s largest specialist fresh produce retailer, with over 120 Food Lover’s Market stores in South Africa and another 19 stores in 10 Sub-Saharan countries and Mauritius. Brands within the Food Lover’s Market Group include Freshstop at Caltex with over 250 convenience stores; Market Liquors and artisanal coffee brand, Seattle Coffee Company

Our aim is to be the best in fresh! Food Lover’s Market prides itself on its quality fresh produce, its theatre of food experience with a distinctive market feel, and its consistent value offerings for the consumer. We cater to all South Africans - to the discerning customer, the connoisseur, the professional ‘foodie’ and, of course, regular customers who are used to the exceptional quality and variety that has always been part of the Food Lover’s offering.

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