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Kingsley Centre 481 Stanza Bopape, Arcadia
Pretoria, 0083
South Africa

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Department of Arts and Culture Department of Arts and Culture is one of the popular place listed under Government Organization in Pretoria , Community Center in Pretoria ,

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The Premise, Promise and Pledge

Our premise is the unshakable conviction that arts and culture and heritage are not hobbies or ‘entertainment.’
They are an outward expression of that which stirs in man’s soul to reveal itself as commercial products that are testament to the present and how it is inextricably linked to the past and future.

We are committed to the development, promotion and development of arts, culture and heritage sector as the cornerstone of job creation, skills development and economic self-determination. The empowerment of the creative class is the meaning of purpose.

Our promise is to do our best to forge closer links between the public and private sectors through partnerships that foster social cohesion and nation-building. The realization of a non-racial, non-sexist and unified country is the purpose of our existence.

Our pledge is not only to indulge the nation in our creative outputs. It is to provide access to information in a manner that establishes ties that bind among all the people of the land, between the citizens and State. The meaning of our existence is a non-racial, non-sexist and united nation.

Above all, it is to mainstream arts, culture and heritage activities as instruments for transformation and tools for economic self-liberation, especially among the historically disadvantaged individuals and communities.

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