Best Car Dealership in Port Elizabeth

  • 1.Tavcor Auto Sales

    Corner of Sebastian Street & Mount Road

    Automotive Car Dealership
  • 2.Tavcor Volkswagen

    Cnr William Moffet Expressway and Mimosa Street, Fairview

    Car Dealership
  • 3.Automax

    Cnr Main Rd & 8th Ave
    Hot 2.95695

    Automotive Car Dealership
  • 4.Logic Premium Vehicles

    375 Cape Road, Port Elizabeth
    Hot 3.94012

    Automobiles and parts Car Dealership
  • 5.Market Square Cars

    William Moffet Retail Park, William Moffet Expressway, Fairview
    Hot 4.26475

    Automobiles and parts Car Dealership
  • 6.Mercedes-Benz at Maritime Motors

    Cnr. William Moffet Expressway & Circular Drive

    Automotive Car Dealership
  • 7.Continental Cars

    6 Ring Road, Greenacres
    Hot 3.90549

    Automobiles and parts Car Dealership
  • 8.Auto Street Worx

    20 Sturrock Street, Deal Party
    Hot 3.95287

    Automotive Car Dealership Automotive Customizing Auto Body Shop
  • 9.Ford Motor Company SA - Puma Plant.

    Port Elizabeth
    Hot 4.00537

    Car Dealership
  • 10.Suzuki Port Elizabeth

    6A Mount Road, North End
    Hot 3.49417

    Automotive Car Dealership
  • 11.A1 Auto-1

    Cnr of Newcombe/Buffelsfontein Rd, Walmer Heights
    Hot 3.83393

    Automotive Car Dealership
  • 12.Williams Hunt PE

    Corner of Knight Street & William Moffett Expressway

    Automotive, Aircraft, Boat Car Dealership Automotive Parts Store
  • 13.Honda Auto PE

    William Moffett
    Hot 3.82282

    Car Dealership
  • 14.Premium AutoMotiv Holdings PTY Ltd.

    7 4th Avenue Newton Park (Cnr 4th Avenue & Burt Drive)

    Car Dealership Motor Vehicle Company
  • 15.Autohaus PE

    William Moffet Expressway

    Car Dealership
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