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21 Beverley Drive North, Constantia Kloof
Roodepoort, 1709
South Africa

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About the owners, Colleen & Carien -

We are both passionate about people and about teaching, therefor have chosen to direct this passion into “water training”. Combined we have 25 years of experience in a variety of different water disciplines.

We have taught, and completed training in South Africa, Mozambique, Indonesia and most recently extensive swim training in the United States. This with the intention of staying up to date with the best possible techniques and teaching methodologies.

Colleen’s qualifications include: Platinum PADI Course Director, EFR Instructor Trainer, Starfish Aquatics Institute (SAI) Swim Instructor Trainer & SAI StarGuard Instructor.

Carien’s qualifications include: Teaching Diploma NWU (specializing in Remedial Ed) PADI Staff Instructor, EFR Instructor, SAI Swim School Instructor Trainer, SAI StarGuard Instructor & Handicapped Scuba Association Instructor.

What do we offer?


Mom’s & Babies (from 6 months)
Star Tots - 18-36 months
Swim School - 3-5 years
Swim School - 6-8 years
Swim School - 9-12 years
Swim School - 13-15 years
Adult Swimming Lessons
Stroke School
Fitness Training
Water Aerobics
Swim Team
Swim Rehabilitation Therapy (Adaptive Aquatics)

PADI Scuba Diving:

Open Water
Advanced Open Water
Rescue Course
Master Scuba Diver
Specialty Courses

PADI Professional Courses:

Dive Master
Emergency First Responder Instructor
Assistant Instructor
Open Water Scuba Instructor
Specialty Instructor
Master Scuba Diver Trainer
Staff Instructor

Starfish Aquatics Institute Professional Courses:

SAI Swim Instructor Course
SAI StarGuard – Lifeguard Certification Course

Children’s Courses and Activities:

PADI Bubble Maker Experience (Age 8 and Up)
PADI Seal Team (Age 8 and Up)
PADI Junior Open Water
PADI Advanced Junior Open Water
Scuba Parties
Pool Parties

Anything Else?

* Coffee Shop
* Play Area for Children
* Retail Shop

Why do people exercise in the water?


Getting or keeping in shape. Remember that you cannot just waddle back and expect great results. Improving your fitness depends on how much energy you use.


Helping people recover from accidents and sickness. Combating the aging process.


Meeting and being with other people. You can talk to others as you water exercise. Workout facing your partner or side-by-side. Meet new people, too!

Stress Release:

Gives you a chance to just relax and forget about work, problems, and other things.


Enjoying the diversion. Water exercise in a playful way and don't worry about being serious! Laugh and enjoy it! Water exercise is fun!

Physical Benefits:

Improved flexibility and strength
Builds up endurance
Increases muscular flexibility
Muscular balance
Heart muscle becomes stronger
Improves the physique
Increases circulation
Rehabilitates muscles
Improved ability to control and maintain healthy weight

Social Benefits:

Have fun
Fellowship with other people
Enjoyable - even when working hard
It is a safe program

Psychological Benefits:

Helps develop a positive attitude -
(individually and as a group)
Contributes to a feeling of well-being
Teaches patience
Releases stress and tension
Renews energy

“Strength doesn't come from what you can do, it comes from overcoming the things you once thought you couldn’t.”

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